Bogatell Origin

Terra Alta is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) (Denominació d’Origen in Catalan) for wines located in the west of the province of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). As the name indicates (Terra Alta = High Land) the area is in the mountains. It is of great natural beauty and features in many of Picasso’s paintings. Traditionally, due to its geographical isolation, this area traditionally only made wine for local consumption and has only recently started to produce modern Mediterranean style wines. Several cooperative wineries were designed and built in the 1920s by Cèsar Martinell, a student of Antoni Gaudí, and are notable for their modernist architectural style.

Bogatell Grape

The wine is made from 100 year old Garnacha Blanca vines grown in Terra Alta. Garnacha Blanca can be found in other places in Spain but Terra Alta is considered the home of Garnacha Blanca. This superb variety has the maximum potential in the higher altitudes and cooler night air. A short maceration on skins gives this wine extra aromatics and weight.

Bogatell Characteristics

Bogatell 100% Garnacha Blanca offers aromas of wild white flowers, mature melon, green apple and lemon skin. However, what makes this wine different from the rest and highlights its quality, is that it fermented with selected natural yeast. This methode gives special nuances in aromas like mature fruits or baked brioche. As well it gives an elegant creaminess to the wine that creates a pleasant long after taste.

Due to Bogatell’s complex body it pairs well with salads and a variety of cheeses. Not to mention white meats such as chicken, duck and fish. It is great to pair it with cream sauces or just to drink by itself.

Bogatell Name

Bogatell was created from the sea and from the mountains of Catalonia… The beach and the traditional presences of wine making in Catalonia has been the inspiration of the wine. Bogatell is named after the beach barrio in Barcelona.

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Garnacha Blanca 100%

Natural cork

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